Spanish Coast In Sights! “I am so tired, but considering how close I am…that’s okay!”

Day 64

It is September 30 and Ben is less than 360 statute miles from his final destination, Quiberon, France! His current position is 43° 20′ North by 9° 20′ West and he can see the Spanish coast!

“France is getting closer, but I am so tired,” explains Ben. “However, the weather is much nicer, though the water is still cold, in the low 60’s° F. I actually have to wear two wet suits!”

Despite the chilly water, Ben is still swimming a little over 6 hours a day…3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. He notes, “Because of the cold water, I must spend a great deal of additional time stretching…this is to prevent cramping in, and out, of the water.”

Ben also explained his skin regimen, “The saltwater is hard on the skin, but I find that using a lot of lotion before putting on my wetsuit(s!) and also applying non-petroleum based lotion at the critical areas (like underarms and neck), that I can avoid any serious skin inflammations. But, just in case, I use an antibiotic ointment on any areas that are red when I finish swimming for the day!”

The cold water has forced Ben to use gloves while swimming. This is particularly bothersome to Ben, because the feeling of water through his hands gives him a sense of forward motion. Though some mornings he tries to avoid using gloves, inevitably, the chilly waters force him to give in.

Ben will be alighting on the shores of Quiberon, France, on Friday, September 25…exact time to be determined. He will have set a world record for long distance swimming at more than 3,700 statute miles, but more importantly, he will have successfully raised the world’s awareness of cancer and the devastation it tolls on so many. Join Ben in France on Friday, Sept. 25.

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