Ben’s Message Board Offers Great Inspiration

Day 65

Since it was launched one week ago, hundreds of visitors to this site have offered kind words of support, admiration and encouragement to Ben via Ben’s Message Board. Ben is absolutely thrilled with the response.

Ben comments, “Thank you for your words of support! Your messages made a big difference in my decision to continue and to complete my goal. They motivate me to continue swimming.”

Shannon Swenson, a partner at Stream Studio, the firm responsible for maintaining Ben’s web site adds, “The response to the Message Board has been exactly what we wanted. Ben was feeling discouraged yet we knew that the site had over a million raw hits from 90 countries since he left America. We wanted to show Ben and every visitor to the site how exciting his epic swim is.”

The Message Board and a flood of personal e-mails did just that. Ben continues to draw inspiration from adoring fans around the world. People openly share thoughtful notes and stories of how they were touched by cancer. Ben’s story has been conveyed via dozens of international media outlets and on America Online.

Currently, Ben is less than 300 statute miles from the coast of France and being the first human to swim the Atlantic Ocean. He is expected to land in Quiberon in 7 days.

Here is a wonderful poem submitted by Brian to the Message Board. Read it and hundreds more posts on Ben’s Message Board. Thanks Brian!


The Sea is violent, restless and strong
and in it, a being which does not belong

This being was created of and to the land
bound by limits, some refuse to understand

His mind has grown, but his Teacher removed
so from his heart, comes something to prove

There is no pace, no count to keep
only the sorrow with which he weeps

Arms grow heavy, and sight grows dim
but passion of triumph burns within

The world his Coach, and it’s fire his might
this MAN, you see, will win this fight.

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