One Week to Go! Ben Less than 275 Miles from Quiberon, France!

Day 66

It is Friday, September 18, Day 66 and Ben is less than 275 statute miles from his final destination, Quiberon, France! With each stroke, he can see more and more of the Spanish coast!

“I’m still wearing two wet suits,” explains Ben. “But knowing how close I am to home gives me a very warm feeling inside!”

Chilly water or not, Ben is still swimming a little over 6 hours a day…3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. He notes, “I feel good. I find myself working harder in the water, not because it is rough, but to maintain my body warmth.”

During these last days, Ben concentrates on one stroke at a time, rarely looking back or forward. He explains, “It is hard to swim now, but by just taking each moment as it comes, I know I can complete this and be where I want to be…with my family and friends.”

During our live chat on AOL, Ben made a point of letting everyone know their words of encouragement and support have made the difference in his journey. Though he can not thank every person individually now, he appreciates – and has read – everyone’s kind and supportive words.

Ben will be alighting on the shores of Quiberon, France, on Friday, September 25…exact time to be determined. He will have set a world record for long distance swimming at more than 3,700 statute miles, but more importantly, he will have successfully raised the world’s awareness of cancer and the devastation it tolls on so many.

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