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[DAY 3] A storm is coming

If there is something I learned that is most helpful in my situation, this is it: there is a long list of forces outside of my control that I can’t change, this only thing I can change is the way I think about them and react.

Weather is on top of this list, I knew it was going to be a big factor in this expedition. The low pressure system developing in the south west of us near China and moving to the north east is growing, swiping a broad area from south to north and west to east. Our Weather service advised us the threat had grown so much we needed to get of out the direct path.

For the sake of the overall effort, the only option for us was to go back towards land and anchor in a protected location, let the system pass and then sail back to where I stopped to resume swimming. Once we will be out in the open ocean and face those systems we would only be able to try to get away from them or if not we would have to ride them.

As I am writing on deck overlooking this majestic ocean, I can’t stop thinking how lucky and privileged I am. Thanks to all of you who are following and supporting us, this is important day: Happy World Oceans Day!

The ocean can live without us but we can’t live without it.


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    1. Hello Ben, I am living in Nova Scotia Canada and are swimming in the open waters of the Northumberland Strait. When I do my swim, every stroke I dedicate to your effort. Thank you for being my swimming buddy, in spirit, and my inspiration! Be safe and well out there in this vast ocean. Archan

      1. Hi Archan

        I live in Nova Scotia and myself and a group of swimmers will be swimming across the Northumberland Strait from NB to PEI in support of Brigadoon Village. Nice there is someone else from here swimming in the Strait.

        Ready the daily log is truly inspirational isn’t it.



  1. Most of all be safe. I was in a Pacific storm with 30 foot seas in a 35 foot sailboat and we flipped it upside down for a few minutes. The force of the sea is not something to take risks with.

  2. The Swim is so epic. I am so inspired by you, Ben as well as your support team. This is an incredible journey; I live just outside San Francisco and will be there cheering you on in person as you reach the land. Many blessings on your journey across the Pacific. Thank you for keeping us posted. I hope the storm subsides quickly so you can get back in the water. Happy World Oceans Day!

  3. The swim has only been anchored, once the storm blows over, Ben your swim will continue! It’s a fantastic project and it will resume! Thinking of the crew. Especially Tyral Dalitz our nephew. Sail safely.

  4. Be safe and remain focused. You made the right desicion. Best wishes to you and your team. You are an inspiration. I read your posts as they come in and read them to my children. I think you may have some competition in a year or two. ??‍♀️?

  5. Ben. Following from the uk. Your swim is staggering. Keep going. How are there only 6 comments on here?

  6. An amazing expedition, unthinkable to those of us who struggle with a single length at the local pool! Very best wishes to you all for some amenable weather – it must be very frustrating to be on hold so early in the swim.

    1. That’s now (at least) two comments from the UK, and nearly into double figures for the total overall 🙂

  7. We were worried when we saw that the live tracker was not showing any progress since the 7th. Now we are relieved just a bad storm. Hope this will not happen when you will be just in the middle. Have a nice rest!
    Max on behalf of Caprajalonga (Capraia island, Tuscany, Italy)

  8. Swim strong and stay safe Ben! Your goal is inspirational.
    Following your progress and rooting for you from Lisbon, Portugal.

  9. What and increadible challenge! Hope the weather rckeara and you can get back to swimming. Good luck!

  10. Awesome, inspiring, endurance…just a fee words that spring to mind when following your progress.


  11. Following you from New Jersey! You are incredible and such an inspiration to my young children who are following your journey intently. Stay safe and know that many people of all backgrounds are supporting you.

  12. Stay safe, look forward to following your amazing adventure.
    Inspirational doesn’t even come close.

    Thank you for sharing this with us all.

  13. Hi Ben,

    I cannot help but admire you for this incredibly epic swim. I think of all the dangers, the discomforts you will experience, the psychological stress and the physical pain, the boredom day by day in the endeavour of swimming, the loneliness, the fear, the plastic and other rubbish, the sharks, the jelly fish, and so the list grows! YOU are AMAZING! Good luck, be safe above all. You can do this!

  14. Deze Ben,
    I follow you from the Netherlands. To con qoncuest the ocean is impossible. To be part of it is a miracule. Stay safe. Albert Faber, holland

  15. Dear Ben,
    the power of the human mind you have already proved that when you passed the Atlantic 1998

    the new challenges you have taken to cross the Pacific Ocean at 51 years.

    i just read about you in Bangladeshi local news paper , i hope you will must rich the destination

    i will keep praying for you


  16. Dear Ben,
    You got the right decision. I hope that you will resume swimming soon and that you meet no more storm like this until the end.
    God bless you all, we need committed people like you to save the oceans and our planet. I’m following you from Rome, Italy…

  17. “Le plus grand plaisir dans la vie est de realiser ce que les autres vous pensent incapable de realiser”- Walter Bagehot-

    Bon courage et bonne chance a vous, Benoit, et toute votre equippe!

    Une fan ( Norwalk, Connecticut)

  18. Hi Ben and crew,
    What an amazing adventure you are on! Stay safe and look after each other on this enormous swim trip! You are my inspiration, as I am training for my first marathon swim Its only 10km, miniscule compared to your epic adventure, of course! Hope the storms cease and you have flat calm water all the way.

    Following here from East coast of Ireland, with a lot of admiration and awe. Good luck and look forward to reading every day.

  19. What an amazing journey you are on. I will be reading your daily updates and sharing your story with my science classes when school resumes in the fall. We cover the water cycle and water on Earth, the atmosphere and in the oceans in September and October. Best of health to you and your patient, supportive team as you continue this experience.

  20. What an amazing journey you are on. Excited to follow your experiencez & jealous of the’cold’ weather….cheering from South Texas where its 100° already.

  21. Thanks for these great thoughts, reminds me about the book from Stephen Covey, « the seven habits… »
    Take care!

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