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[DAY 4] World Oceans Day

We spent our Ocean Day adjusting our course to get out of the path of the storm and that meant moving backwards. I had mix feelings when I first saw land again.  I was slowly starting to seep into my rhythm of swimming, sleeping, and eating and yet this big developing weather system forced us to turn back for cover.
The lush vegetation on the hills around Choshi stood tall on the horizon. We followed the coastline sailing south to get back to Yokohama, this was the only port in the region that could accommodate us in such short notice.
It was very comfortable on deck, a light breeze kept us cool. I was scanning the water surface for any sign of activity in the water.  We were surrounded by small fishing boats but all I could see was floating debris, small pieces of plastic or foam were pupping every so often. The color of the water had changed from a clear deep blue to a murky dark green.
This alone brought me back to reality and the purpose of our expedition. The way we live on land, our daily activities and behavior have a direct negative impact on the ocean and put it in peril. More than ever I am determined to use this amazing expedition as a platform to get attention to this issue and invite the audience to think about how we can all make some changes in our daily routine to become a better steward of the ocean and protect it as we cannot live without it.
Please share in the comment some of the actions you have been taking to make a difference, invite and inspire others to do the same, Happy Oceans Day!

28 thoughts on “[DAY 4] World Oceans Day

  1. Small things done consistently can help. I bring my own container to the coffee shop to get espresso and to restaurants for take out. I have started asking ahead of time for no straws in my iced drinks. I use my own bags at the grocers.

  2. I refuse to litter & have taught my kids how wrong littering is. I pick up trash I walk by instead of leaving it, I use reusable containers for what less sandwich baggies……

    1. Hey Stacie, fantastic news. The next generations is what gives me motivation and inspires me to clean up the ocean and change our plastic consumption.

  3. I became vegan to reduce my ecological footprint, I bring my own container to coffee and tea shops, I bring my own silverware instead of using plastic cutlery for street food markets.
    Love this expedition! Keep going!
    Greeting from Germany,

    1. Awesome Alexander, great to hear! Hopefully we can inspire more people to cut back on plastic use!

  4. I took my 5-year-old to a birthday party, and they offered him a balloon when he left. He said “no thanks, they end up in the sea.”


  5. I now take my own flask of coffee for when I’m out and about at work so never buy the plastic containers anymore and I re-use plastic water bottles.

    I love the oceans – good luck with the expedition.

  6. I am old enough to remember how we all behaved in the fifties and sixties considering reusable packages,nothing was thrown away after only a single use. I returned to that way of life more than ten years ago, I am constantly trying to make some positive influence on the people around me, but it’s very hard!There is so much of ignorance,that’s why the world is in need of such actions like The Longest Swim!
    You are really doing an amazing job,good luck!Greetings from Croatia!

    1. Hello Andreja, thank you for getting in touch. Yes I hope my swim inspires people to think more about their use of plastics and its impact on the environment. Ben

  7. I bring my own produce and shopping bags when go grocery shopping.I reuse greeting cards, magazines, junk mail when designing my own cards. I ask for ceramic mugs instead of disposable cups when visiting cafes. I’ve ordered a foldable metal straw for using it on the go. I walk or bike to places or as much as possible. I teach my children about our responsibility for taking care of the planet.

    Blessed travels!!

    1. Hello Agi, thank you for your comment. That’s fantastic, sounds like you have the right idea. Keep up the good work, Ben.

  8. When my friend and I moved to japan, the first thing I taught him to say in Japanese was “I don’t need a bag, thank you”. And then during 2 years we kept saying it everyday at every shop. People were always surprised. I hope I won’t have to repeat that sentence for my next time in Japan…
    Ne safe, 気をつけて

  9. When my friend and I moved to japan, the first thing I taught him to say in Japanese was “I don’t need a bag, thank you”. And then during 2 years we kept saying it everyday at every shop. People were always surprised. I hope I won’t have to repeat that sentence for my next time in Japan…
    Ne safe, 気をつけて

    1. Hello Clemence, it’s the small things that make a big difference! Like saying no to plastic bags. Keep up the good work, Ben.

  10. I love you are doing this. If this doesn’t get our attention, I’m not sure what will. We could all be doing so much better. I plan on suggesting to our school to take trips to help clean up beaches close to us. We use them, we might as well clean them up.

  11. The Bear Paddle Swim School is promoting http://thelongestswim.com/# on our FB page.
    We support the cause and appreciate the message this sends to the world!
    We have a significant customer base who will be updated on The Longest Swim Progress.
    We send our collective encouragement to Ben, stay strong man! Many people are sending positive vibes your way!
    The Bear Paddle Team!

  12. Ben and team,
    Last Friday I doubled my open-water swimming range from 4km to 8km, thanks to your inspiring quest and it felt easy!! and than walked another 4 km along the beach collecting plastic on the waterline (as usual).
    Than I met an old friend and his wife and told them about your amazing achievement (crossing the Atlantic) and current task.
    They were shocked and joined me so that together we have collected 3X of the usual quantity of garbage.
    Next Friday I am planning a longer swim between Haifa and Atlit (~12Km) followed by a 4 Km garbage collecting walk along the beach and hope to convince people to join me for “the walk.” Your quest is helping me to recruit people and to clean the Mediterranean beach.
    Wishing you good luck, you are so brave and inspiring!!

    1. Hi Nadav, thanks for your message. That’s fantastic what you’re doing! Thanks for helping clean up our oceans and educate people. I’m glad my story has inspired you. Keep up the good work, Ben.

  13. I have started using bamboo straws in my drinks instead of plastic ones. Inevitably someone always asks what I have in my drink, so it is a great opportunity to educate them on how much plastic waste we really have. My family has begun to follow in using reusable straws as well! Keep up the good work. Change takes time, but we’ll get there.

    1. That’s fantastic Molly! Keep up the great work and thanks for following and supporting my story.

  14. I’ve recently purchased reusable straws and utensils I carry around in my purse so I don’t use any plastic when I eat out. I also bought silicone reusable sandwich and snack bags and use reusable grocery bags. Trying to get my family on the same boat too!

  15. Thanks for bringing such awareness to these issues Ben!

    1. I commute most places by bike (reduce my own emissions footprint), and I use reusable thermoses/cups/food containers/utensils instead of using anything plastic and disposable.
    2. I also avoid using other plastic products as much as possible such as food packaging and clothing (ex. polyester and acrylic).
    3. I dispose of and segregate waste when I see it (in Vancouver BC we compost and recycle!).

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