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[DAY 5] The Storm

The storm is nearly passed, so it looks like I’ll be continuing my swim across the Pacific soon. It is time to put all those feelings of setback behind me and focus on using our time waiting out the storm to increase our chance of success at sea. Paul called on a meeting, we were all attentive around his favorite whiteboard as he went through our to-do list and assigned the tasks. The compilation of the list was a group effort, everybody had their input about how we could improve what we had and any fixing that needed happen.

We were very fortunate that Ras our engineer who was part of the delivery of the boat to Japan was still around and always enthusiastic to work on the preparation of Seeker. Dina, our food queen who like Ras was part of the delivery, was also on deck ready to assist with the same enthusiasm and her contagious smile.

To see how unified was our team and dedicated to getting us back to sea to resume the swim, boosted my spirit. We were all focused on our individual tasks and went on spending our day checking them off the board.


21 thoughts on “[DAY 5] The Storm

  1. It takes a village!!! Congratulations on bringing such a great team together. I love how you are seeing the silver lining as you are waiting for the storm to pass. Sending you a big dose of positivity to fuel your efforts even further.

    Blessed travels!!

  2. I cannot begin to imagine the frustration this must have caused, to have to backtrack back to land, after some days of swimming forward! But, you have my great respect and admiration for the level-headedness required to accept that the best thing is to get out of the way of heavy weather while it is still possible to do so!

    A favourite motivation quotation comes to mind:
    Albert Camus — ‘In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer”.

    May good fortune and strength stay your constant companions!

  3. Benoît,
    Who dares, wins!
    Good luck, I have no doubt that you will succeed.

  4. Glad to hear the storm is over. Your team seems so united and resilient.
    Will be glad to read about Ben’s thoughts during swimming.
    Good luck!

  5. Greetings
    Amazing Ben! The courage to face the natural challenges of the Pacific Ocean is admirable. I wish you good energies to the conclusion of the challenge! Me and my family of Saint Sebastian of Paradise, Brazil supports you! Good strokes and nothing.

  6. Can’t argue with Mother Nature but it must be a huge relief to get back into the water and your swimming routine.
    I’m in awe of you Ben. I do a paltry little mile three times a week in my local pool and by the end of each mile I’m bored swimming – and the clock seems to get slower with each length. LOL
    You have amazing mental strength to do this. You’re my hero. Sending you all best wishes and loads of ‘keep going’ vibes.

    From a Scottish follower – presently land-locked in the hot, dry Nevada desert – who’d give anything to be able to ‘see’ the sea, never mind jump in it and cool off. 🙂

  7. Sage décision que de mettre tout le monde à l’abri et laisser passer la tempête. Bon courage pour la reprise, toute la famille se joint à moi pour suivre tes exploits.

  8. Hello Ben
    It must be very lonely swimming in the pacific ocean by yourself.
    Do not feel lonely……the Universe is inside you.
    Good luck and be strong.
    Alonso(10 years old)

  9. Hello Ben
    ” It is impossible”said pride.”It is risky”said experience.”it is pointless”said reason.”GIVE IT A GOOD TRY”whispered your heart.
    Good luck and be strong.
    Alonso(10 years old)

  10. Namaste! Following you from India. We are in awe and support you with our wishes and blessings!

    Meena, Ram, Kavya, Rasika

  11. Hey Benoît, When I told my team at our weekly meeting that you had started on your quest to swim the Pacific, they did not believe me at first , then they thought you were mad and now they all are in awe. You are part of the reason humanity will thrive and prosper and among those who push the boundries and “makes a dent in the Universe” .We are following you and your team and wish you all the best and when it’s all done, we would like to invite you to London to tell us all about it ! – alex

  12. Ca roule Ben?
    What is the worst thing and the best thing about swimming by yourself across the Pacific ocean? From this class in Madrid we wish you strength of mind and body and may the universe protect you.
    Best of luck from Carlota (16), Yago (13), Juan (13), Rodrigo (16)

  13. Dear Mr. Benoit,
    My 2 classes 5A and 5B from Toronto, Ontario are reading about you and watched all the videos you posted. Outside of our class is a world map and we cut out a small photo of you as a diver and we move it daily across the ocean. We can not tell you how many hours we spent talking about your love of the ocean and your bravest longest swim. We will continue reading any news you post. Could you reply to my class so they get to know you We will be making a huge whale installation to put up onto the ceiling to promote our awareness to all the same things that you are talking about (plastic on the beaches). May the waves be good to you! You are in our thoughts and hearts!

  14. Hello Benoit,
    My two French classes in Toronto, Ontario are following you on this amazing challenge. We have a world map and Liam and Muhammed are moving a small diver picture from spot to spot to show were you are now. You are in our thoughts and hearts! My the storm be kind to you. You will be again No 1. Katrina

  15. Dear Ben,

    I’m with you, when swimming daily in the Baltic sea near the Kiel canal. Ist’s magic beeing part of oceans creatures.Love from Northern Germany.
    You asked to tell about our efforts to avoid plastics. Here in Kiel, a French woman had first time the idea of a store for groceries to sell without packing. We bring our glas or other boxes and füll the goods in. Thus I no longer produce rubbish.Several stores like this existiert in Germany and Europe. I spread this concept to everyone -neighbour,Friends. Else,I Share your Action in EVErY Community.3 person of my parish and myself pray continuously for you and your AIM! May you Always bei blessed.Go on bravely Ben. Go on bravely team supporting Ben.
    Love from Kiel

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