[DAY 6] Story telling

The wind had faded early on in the day and the light rain didn’t stop until the evening, the storm had passed. As we prepare to begin the swim we also are having to say goodbye to one of our crew, my friend Gino, who is returning to his life on land in the United States.   He always gets into interesting situations and I wanted to make this day a fun one spent with him; yesterday evening he shared with us many stories, from the time he just got to the US from Turkey, when he found himself on Daytona Beach, Florida in his tiger print speedo during spring break and not knowing what spring break was to the most recent time when he realized he was on stage performing with the wrong band. We had a great time together and I took in as much as I could, so that I could relive these moments in a few days when I will be swimming thinking about the smell, the light, the noise that I knew I will be missing. Thank you my friend for these moments!


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