[DAY 7] Waiting out the storm

Having to take a break from the swim due to the storm has given all of us the chance to check on what was happening in the rest of the world. At sea our communications are filtered, we have limited bandwidth and we cannot spend time on our social media page and news feeds. What a surprise, to see the amount of press coverage and social media interaction we got. I watched Seeker’s live feed video of our departure, and laughed so hard when I saw my son Max taking of from the beach like a torpedo.
I called home, our conversation was just like any others, it felt like we were not far from each other and I would be home soon; everybody at home was back into their routine.
It rained all day with some strong wind gusts at time, but the storm passing east of us had no big effect at our current location.
I’ll be swimming again soon.

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