Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 13] Light

The daylight starts early here before 5 am it lights up the galley through 5 hatches. My day will start in about an hour but I stay laying on the bench, enjoying this quiet moment with the light shining through the openings. The light will be here every morning no matter what. There are few things that will never change and that I can count on, the light is one of them. I sleep in the galley now, I like the space and how I get all the light in the morning. My cabin is dark with only one small hatch.

The light was amazing today, it kept me in good spirit.
We had some technical issues with the batteries of our RHIB and couldn’t use it. Instead, I had Lauren pace me on the green Kayak, Max Attack, we named it after my son Max. The yellow Kayak is Ban Ana, named after my daughter Ana.

It was a challenging task for Lauren, she had to keep the course, give a report to Seeker every 30 minutes, feed me and check on my state.
The light never disappointed me, it put up an incredible show, bouncing off it rays from millions of planktons right below me. The water was so rich that at times I could not see the color blue of the ocean anymore the white light took over.

In the middle of the day, Lauren stopped, the paddle had broken. She radioed Seeker and I stayed in the water while we waited to get a replacement. This was torture, I was getting cold and knew I would be difficult to warm myself up. I resumed swimming and tried to increase my pace to get warmer. I focused on the beautiful show that was taking place right below me, I love that light, but at the end, I was still getting colder and had to call it a day.


13 thoughts on “[DAY 13] Light

  1. Like so many others, I am following The Longest Swim with awe and willing you guys on every day, come what may.

    Here’s a lovely motivation quote someone once sent me: “The strongest light is the light that shines within you. Use it to lead you in the direction of your Soul’s purpose…”.

    The light will never leave you!

  2. May the light continue you to surround you on your journey and give you inspiration and strength to continue!

  3. Lauren you are amazing! May you have a peace filled day today. Cheering you on Lauren! He won’t make it without you.

  4. Congratulations for starting the Longest swim again. Hope you complete your long lived dream all my hope flys with you. Good luck from now and beyond!?

  5. Congratulations for starting the Longest swim again.All my hope flys with you. Good luck from now and beyond!?

  6. Congratulations for starting the Longest swim again.All my hope flys with you. Good luck from now and beyond!?

  7. Go Ben Go! I look forward to your updates and think about the huge journey you are taking. Other than Jennifer Figge, I think you are the only person in the world….which is about 7.4 billion of us!……to cross the Atlantic and you will be THE only person to cross the Pacific if all goes well. Bonne chance Benoit!

  8. Reading that you are back in the water gave me and so many others such a delight. As you follow the light so many of us are following your light on this incredible journey.

    On another note: as I am following your journey on a daily basis, I notice that I am becoming even more conscious about my use of plastics. As I envision you making one stroke after another; I think of my impact as an individual and feel so inspired to do everything I can to be part of a lasting solution.

    Blessed be your journey!!

  9. Nous suivons de France avec un peu de chauvinisme bien sûr !
    Malgré la distance, les émotions n’ont pas de frontières et nous espérons que nos encouragements non plus !!!
    Après une heure d’entrainement en piscine chauffée lorsque nous ressentons un peu de fatigue il suffit de penser à ton périple et hop ça va de suite beaucoup mieux.

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