Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 14] Close encounters

The wind was still blowing from the northeast. I knew before going into the water it was going to be challenging, I would have to fight the wind and waves going in the opposite direction but I was determined to put my time in.

I put two hoodies on to keep my head warm, one of them covered also my torso. During the first two hours, I didn’t take any break, I did not want to get cold during a short stop. It is very difficult to warm myself up in the water once I get cold.

I also changed my nutrition, I decided to eat only soup and bread. Fortunately for us, Yoav is a great bread maker. So I had for me on the RHIB some warm soup and few slices of bread.

I took breaks every hour instead of my regular nutrition break every 30 minutes.

This new combination of food and timing worked great, I didn’t have any nausea, problem digesting and wasn’t hungry.

In the middle of the afternoon during one of my last breaks, Ty pointed behind me and said something I didn’t understand because of the two layers of hoodies on my ears. I turned around and few hundred yards away a big tanker named Tiger was crossing our route. I found out later that Paul contacted them on the VHF to make sure they saw us. He explained to them that a swimmer and a small RHIB were in the water and apparently they had to move away to avoid us. I also found out later that another ship, the Santa Barbara came very close to us earlier in the day.

At the end of the day, I was very, very disappointed to find out that I swam close to 8 hours but the wind and waves slowed me down so much that I only covered 5 miles!


16 thoughts on “[DAY 14] Close encounters

  1. I am in awe of what you are doing and following your journey eagerly. I keep thinking, “wow that must not be easy.” But you are not doing this because it is easy. You are doing this to save our oceans. Very inspiring, thank you for doing what you are doing.

  2. 5 Miles bravely well done die ocean’s care! Go in Ben, the world’s encouraging wishes are with you and your team.
    Greetings from Kiel

  3. OMG, 5 miles …..that’s excellent … you are getting closer to San Francisco. In honor of your achievement I am going to do a 5 mile walk with my dog tomorrow and collect all the trash along the way.

    Keep going. Blessed be your journey!!!

  4. The photo of the big tanker versus your little boat speaks volumes! It’s very symbolic of what humankind is facing in terms of climate change and how we are messing up our planet and oceans with our rampant consumerism! But like others have posted here: if one man and a crew of folks supporting him are willing to traverse the Pacific on a quest for change, then surely the rest of us can also start trying to make our small contribution, too. Consume less. Live more consciously. Be the change we hope to see in the world!
    Thank you Ben and your awesome Crew, Family back home, & Supporters.

  5. One stroke after another, Ben! Thank you for sharing your logbook. You are inspiring so many people including me. I am with you and behind you! Keep going!

  6. 5 miles is a mighty effort considering the wind and waves you are facing. You will be pleased no more plastic bags in supermarkets in Aussie due to the plastic pollution is having on our environment . Stay strong you are inspiring Ben

  7. Thank you for sharing Ben. Every word, every stroke is inspiring.
    You and your team are real heroes.
    Can not imagine the effort and challenges that you are facing.
    Regards from from Tel Aviv.

  8. 100 years from now, 1,000 years from now, you will be remembered for what you achieved in the name of science and humanity. Sure you’re an inspiration to the world now – but you will also inspire the future of humanity – people born after we’re all long gone. That is something. Keep that in mind and as you put in each of the 7,750,000 strokes its going to take to get to San Francisco. You are pushing your species forward one stroke at a time.

  9. You and all the crew are a Great inspiration to me. I’d love to be there to cheer you up.

    Keep pushing!!!!

    Rafa from Spain

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