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[DAY 27] Swimming with turtles

A high-pressure system was bringing us again nice weather conditions today. Ty and Mark were in the RHIB. Early on in the day, Mark spotted a turtle swimming at my right side. It came pretty close to me about 2 meters and started to circle me, looking straight at me. A school of about 20 fish was following it and moving up and down the water column. It looked like they were the same type of fish I had seen yesterday in those plastic containers but much bigger, they had black and white vertical stripes.

After doing almost a full circle around me, the turtle and its follower’s dove and disappeared in the dark blue. We saw them a couple of hours later but they did not stay long this time.

Toward the end of the day, Ty and Mark spotted a few dolphins not far from us, I tried to swim in their direction but all I could see was their shapes under water and they disappeared very fast.


11 thoughts on “[DAY 27] Swimming with turtles

  1. I am loving reading about your adventure and the highlights and/or challenges of each day. I’m amazed by how beautifully blue the water is. I’m concerned about environmental poolution and the health of the oceans, and really respect you for connecting your swim with social issues that affect us all. Sending best wishes from a world of Green! in Oregon.

  2. Hello Ben, Class 2D here again 🙂

    We have continued to love reading your blog each morning!

    “I am really glad you got to see some fish and good luck tomorrow”

    “We have been learning about ocean pollution and we have drawn you on or posters!”

    “I hope you get to see more turtles and have you seen any sharks?”

    Good luck Ben and may the good weather continue!

    Class 2D Regent International School

    1. Hello class 2D! Thank you so much for your endless support and kind words, it’s great motivation to keep swimming. Ben.

  3. I hope you guys have many more uplifting days like this, where Mother Nature shows off with her beauty!

  4. Hard to find words for the extraordinary adventure you’ve started. When I read your posts I always wonder what you’re thinking about when you swim. Are you super concentrating on each stroke or focused on the world around and beneath you? Or do you think about home and what you first will do when you get a shore?
    Best regards Lina Sweden

    1. Hello Linda, great question! Each morning I map out what I will think about for my 8 hours in the water. I often think back to a nice day, a happy memory or a good experience for an hour at a time. I take it each hour as they come and every day at a time. Thanks for following from Sweden! Ben

  5. Hi Ben, I think the sea turtle is a good omen! Certainly better than the shark!! We are following your extraordinary swim and are with you in spirit. Happy swimming on July 4!! Best regards, Randall Sarosdy

    1. I agree Randall! However, I don’t mind the sharks.. if they keep their distance! Happy 4th, Ben.

  6. Hi Ben, this is Jonathan from Wales but live in Germany. An amazing feat you are performing. it must be so special to be connected to our blue planet in the way you are and sharing the water with the marine life who call it home. We will follow you all the way and wish you health, safety and recognition
    for what you are doing.

    What is the feeling knowing that no other human has ever swum with such intentions as you?

    I have a personal request, Ben . I have just lost my border collie, his name is Taff, after 13 years and it would be immensely uplifting if you could dedicate a km in his name.
    We would be so grateful.

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