Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 28] The shark

The high-pressure system was still with us, bringing with it great weather conditions for the day. Within the first hour I was in the water, Lauren and Maks screamed: “Ben, there is a shark!” I very quickly lifted up my head out of the water and looked into the direction they were pointed. I couldn’t see anything. Maks told me it just past us about 50 meters behind us and kept on its course. They could see its fins and approximated its size to 2.5 meters…a good size!

We stayed a couple of minutes at the same location and I tried to look below me for any sign of it but I didn’t see anything, so I decided on resuming swimming.

At hour 4, I started to experience some pain in my right ankle and removed my fins for a couple of hours to give them a rest. During those hours Lauren joined me for 2 hours. After that, I put my fins back on and didn’t feel any more pain.

I swam almost until the sunset, our skipper Yoav asked us to stop to make sure we had enough light to come back on Seeker and secure the RHIB in place.

Today the water was the warmest it had ever been.







Synopsis: Good day. High pressure is currently centered near 45N/155W,
extending broad ridging SW’ward to 30N/140E. This high will drift WSW’ward to
near 40N/165W by the 08th as second high develops within its ridging near
45N/155E, as ridging extends SW’ward toward Honshu. These two highs will
thereafter merge near 40N/170W by the 09th, as ridging continues to broaden
W’ward through the N’rn Pacific to the Sea of Japan.

4 thoughts on “[DAY 28] The shark

  1. I recently learned to swim free style (I am very glad I did because I absolutely love it). It often makes me think of you how you are doing this for hours every day in the sea.
    I wish you all the best Ben, it is incredible and beautiful what you are doing.

  2. Good to hear your ankle is fully recovered Ben. So nice to hear when you get someone swimming alongside you; must be a nice change from your solo hours in the water. Good on you Lauren for taking on the Pacific and giving Ben a boost right in the water.

    Blessed be your journey!!

  3. The thought of big sharks leaves most of us feeling shaky, but I am sure there is just so much we don’t yet understand about these creatures of the deep ocean.
    It sounds like this big guy was just cruising past you on his own mission from where-ever to where-ever, without a second glance. All those movies filled with drama and suspense around sharks has really not done them a good service!

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