Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 31] Ear infection

Yesterday after my short swim Lauren diagnosed that I had an ear infection. She started to treat me and I used that day of rough weather to recoup and keep my ear dry for a day.

I didn’t see the time passed, I spent most of it sleeping in my bunk or in the galley being tossed left and right by the waves.


2 thoughts on “[DAY 31] Ear infection

  1. Bonne chance et espérons que la récupération se fera rapidement. Je suis avec fascination votre nage à travers le Pacifique et votre étude de l’océan et pollution.
    Francaise qui habite aux USA depuis plusieurs années.
    Bravo et quel courage!

  2. Hello Ben,

    Thanks for keeping us updated and hoping that your ear infection will clear up in no time.

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