Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 32] Jellyfish

We still had strong wind in the morning but the forecast predicted the conditions to improve within hours. After a few hours, live the waves got smaller and I could start swimming with the RHIB.

The conditions started relatively good for the rest of the day. We still found plastic, I retrieved a big water bottle wrap floating right under the surface; this foreign object caught my attention when passing by my right and made me realize that no human life on or in the ocean, we are just travelers, but yet every day we find the presence of humanity at its worst.

Toward the end of the day, when the intensity of the sunlight decreased, more jellyfish were coming near the surface. They were clear about 10 centimeters long, with very small tentacles. Fortunately, they were about a 1 to 2 meters deep and not close enough to sting me. the water temperature was 26 degrees Celsius.


2 thoughts on “[DAY 32] Jellyfish

  1. Stay the course, we pollute our environment and a-scant few are doing anything to remedy the situation. Your quest may awaken a few and hopefully spread from there.
    Austin Swim Club

  2. My girls (3 and 4) and I are reading about you every day. They love it, I love it and we are all totally in awe. You are a great role-model.

    Like you say, the next generation is who you are talking to and they have to be informed.

    Plastic-free July happening here, after your shout-out!

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