Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 33] The crab

We had great weather conditions overnight and for the rest of the day. Paul and Maria paced me in the RHIB. Maria had her eyes focused on the surface of the ocean to pick up any debris she could find. I could feel the RHIB veering course each time they spotted a piece and went after it.

In one instance, they missed the piece and stopped the boat and asked me to get it. It was a piece of hard white plastic about the size of my palm. I had some condensation in my goggles and couldn’t really see it well. I picked it up and passed on to them. It was time for my food break so they gave me my soup and bread and I hang by the RHIB while eating. Paul said: “you have a little crab on your shoulder!” I didn’t realize there was a crab on the white piece of plastic I picked up now it used me as a refuge. Once  I finished my food I resumed swimming with the crab still on me. By the end of the day, I checked my wetsuit but the crab was gone.


2 thoughts on “[DAY 33] The crab

  1. Oh wow, one does have to wonder – how did that little guy get there…! Thank you for sharing these lovely anecdotes with your readers!

  2. This is such a delightful post.. good to hear about the positive change in weather conditions plus how nice you’ve made a new friend 🙂

    Blessed be your journey!!

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