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Do you ever get restless back home, where everything is settled and feeling the urge to change scenery sometimes, to test yourself and your capabilities? It is a driving force for many to go out and do things. A force giving you the “power” to see beautiful places and meet extraordinary people. And, who knows, it might sometimes even change the way you look at things a little bit.  It’s certainly one of the forces driving me being part of The Swim.

At first, this project can feel a bit overwhelming. There is a lot of water, time and challenges to overcome. It can be hot and humid like the last few days, and together with 35knts upwind sailing, seawater leaking on your pillow, sleep deprivation, and no swimming, it can be difficult to keep a good mindset. Those are the con’ s of an expedition like this. The pro’s are that you share those experiences with an awesome group of people, all willing to do that extra step for each other. Our backgrounds are different but our goal is the same: escorting Ben across the Pacific and raising awareness about the way we treat our oceans. Giving the plastic I see floating every day, I know we are not done here yet and we have to keep on pushing.

As a medic, keeping Ben and the crew healthy and give them the best treatment when they are not, remains the primary goal. Especially here, where conditions are less ideal compared with a hospital, preventing is better than curing and it is good to see that everybody looks after each other. As a result, no major accidents happened so far and I hope we can keep it that way.

Of course, even with the good team we have, 6 months at sea (and who knows maybe more) without seeing land, is not done by a lot of people. To wrap your mind around something like that is difficult. Inspired by Ben, who is focused on swimming 8 hours a day, not minding the number of miles he covered (that’s only a distraction) I’m taking it day by day. By doing that consequently, time almost feels irrelevant and the impossible becomes possible.


Written by:

Maks Romeijn, 28, Dutchie

Expedition Medic/ Researcher


‘Since my graduation from medical school in Leiden, I worked in several fields of acute medicine including cardiology and intensive care. I’m interested in the provision of optimum health care in situations outside the hospital. After following an expedition medicine course organized by World Extreme Medicine, it was only a matter of time before I would head off for an expedition.


Having sailed from a young age and kite surfing year round whenever there is wind, water always played an important role in my life. To dedicate my time to preserve the oceans, while being an expedition doctor on a Pacific crossing, is an absolute dream and I didn’t need to think long about joining The Swim. Together with Lauren and our on-shore medical team, I will take care of all people on board and monitor Ben during the swim. Also, we will lead the medical research projects, including imaging studies of Ben’s heart in collaboration with NASA.


Besides the safe and sound return of the crew, I hope that we make people think more about the use of plastic and the effects it is having on our planet.’

11 thoughts on “(Im)possible

  1. Je compte sur toi Maks pour ramener tout le monde en bonne santé, toi y compris. Toute mon admiration. Courage à tous. Good luke.

    1. Merci a vous pour votre response. j’etudis francais tout les jours et j’aime bien. Au revoir maks

  2. Hello Maks,

    Thank you so much for your description of your view on the adventure, the story behind it and your thoughts to it! I understand the medical challenge of the project, since I have medical experience. I can imagine the sometimes poor terms and conditions for your work.You care for the shape of Ben and team, who all care for the ocean‘s shape!.What a job! 😀 Is Ben`s ear better?
    I adore the mental capability of Ben and all of you and the focused way to split the challenge into pieces that can be done!.
    Well, you guys have a vision to share with the world, that strenghthens body and mind. The ocean‘s sake!
    Else,science will have a large benefit from all the data you and the others collect.
    Present and future generations follow up your action as potential dawn of changing mind and milestone in the environemental care and behaviour! Maybe this dream comes true one day.
    I hope, Ben and all of you match the goal safely.
    Be sure: All of you are a light in the darkness of these re-uncivilised days.The world follows you , fellows. Be sure: This is not a fake news…
    When performing my daily little swims in our fjord, I am with you all.

    Blessings & greetings from Kiel

    1. Thank you for your nice response. Luckily, Bens ear is better again so we keep on swimming! Maks

  3. Hello Maks,

    Thank you for your introduction. It is great how we the readers are getting to hear about each one of the supporting crew’s role and background and personal impressions of the challenges and opportunities involved in this awesome Project. By the end of The Swim when you all arrive safely in San Francisco, we will surely feel like we were kind of there with you all (will Ben swim under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, I wonder…?).

    1. Thank you Nina! I’ll be sure to pass your message of support to Maks. They’re all such an important role in my swim as well as everyone supporting me from land. I hope you saw my facebook post, we are printing off all the well wishes and support so yes, you are coming along for the ride! Ben

    2. Many Thanks for your writing! Yes, the plan is to swim under the Golden Gate bridge! Maks

  4. I really love reading about all the crew member’s roles and the part that each person plays in Ben’s journey. Thank you for all that you do.

  5. Love your reflection, escpecially your last statement: “time almost feels irrelevant and the impossible becomes possible.” Such a great attitude and an approach we all need to incorporate into our lives. We rush through our days and fail to notice the opportunities and moments we are presented with to make a difference. Thank you for being part of this journey and sharing it with all of us. Godspeed.

  6. Hi Maks, Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing details of your important role on this expedition. I can only imagine how challenging the trip across the Pacific really is and keeping everyone healthy is a big task. To hear about your support for each other regardless the circumstances warms my heart. Community is everything: be it on land or in the ocean.

    I live in San Francisco and I am closely watching the miles diminish as you are getting closer and closer. Amazing, such an inpiration!!

    Blessed be your journey!!

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