Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 36] Whale spotting

Great swimming conditions again today, I couldn’t be happier; instead of easing myself down slowly into the water from the side of the boat like I always did, I jumped off from the deck, making a horrible landing but I enjoyed it.

I started the day with Maks in the kayak pacing me. Our Torqeedo engines are not repaired yet but Ty contacted our good friends at Torqeedo and they have been very responsive and working on a solution (thank you Jim!).

Maks voice took me out off my meditative swimming state and I heard him shout: “Ben, whales!” They were about 30 meters in front of us. I could only see the fins, I tried to look underwater but couldn’t see them either. I swam toward them hoping I could get closer but unfortunately they were moving away from us and it was impossible for me to catch with them. Seeker and the crew were nearby and able to count 8 of them, they were apparently short fin pilot whales.

Maks made few stops along the way to collect some trash; few plastic wraps, a plastic flip flap, a large piece of polystyrene, a plastic cone and a small plastic container under which I found two different types of fish. The fish were bigger than the container!

After about 6 hours of swimming, Lauren switched with Maks for the last 2 hours. 

When I got back on Seeker, Joe was in the galley cooking for us, it smelled delicious. We had corn, sautéed potatoes with onions, refried bean, and spam prepared with paprika and other spices…this was very tasty. Well, I have to admit that after 8 hours of swimming I can eat about anything.

5 thoughts on “[DAY 36] Whale spotting

  1. Really inspiring! 🙂

    Just a shout-out from a couple in land-locked Colorado, missing the ocean and being incredibly inspired by what you are doing and the teamwork involved. Thank you for showing the best of humanity through example while spotlighting the areas we need to improve!

    Will be following you and your team all the way! 🙂

    Wayne and Linda

  2. Cheering you on from Barcelona, Spain. My kids and I are following your progress. We’ve been inspired to pick up trash that we’ve found discarded on the beaches here. Just keep swimming ?

  3. Amazing!! Cheering you on from sunny San Francisco and following you every step (splash!) of the way until your arrival here. And yes, Joe has a way of making great food – ask him about his salami & mayo sandwiches! ;)).

  4. Every time I read your Logbook, there is some new inspiration to be found and this time, it is the sense of wonder and gratitude that you guys take with you on this epic swim traversing the Pacific Ocean! I have to smile at your comment, Ben, that after all the hours of swimming, you can eat just about anything. I guess many of us who have ever been out on a long hike, or a camping trip can relate to that! A basic meal becomes a feast under those conditions, and we learn the real meaning of giving thanks!

  5. Thank you. Ben and for the of the rest of your team your such a good insperation for us.we will follow your journey till the end God bless and guide and you all the time.

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