Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 95] Record temperatures

I wake up to the sound of the engine. Yoav has been battling with the exhaust pipe again. The last fix didn’t hold. He had been working on it since very early in the morning. We had drifted for a while and now we had to motor back to the swim point. It took us most of the morning to get to it and unfortunately did not get a full day of swimming. I swam for 5 hours with Gonzo and James in the dinghy. The temperature of the water was the warmest we ever recorded it: 29.2 degree Celsius at one point in during the day, the average was 28.5°C.

Gonzo and James jumped in this warm bath almost every time I was on my food break. Today we didn’t encounter much only the most dangerous thing in the ocean, not the shark but plastic.

At the end of the day, I pressed on my forehead to check how sensitive it was, I was very pleased to feel no pain at all. The propeller incident was now behind me.

Weather conditions:
Sunny (Sunny 2/8)
Wind speed: 3 kts
Wind direction: SW
Waves height: 0-1m
Waves direction: W
Water temperature: 28.5°C

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