Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 40] Strong rain and wind

Last night was difficult for everybody, we got hit by a few squalls that brought a lot of rain and strong winds. It was loud and the boat was tossed in every direction. The crew on deck had to be very vigilant and tied themselves to the tether lines to prevent them from falling of the boat in case a big wave would wash them of. For the others down below deck, it was very challenging to move around, eat and fall asleep.

As a result, in the morning we were totally off course and very far from our waypoint for the swim. It would take us the entire day to sail upwind and against the wave to get back to our desired location. Needless to say that I did not swim all day long and there was nothing I could do to change that. So I took that day to rest, eat and catch up with my emails.

The strong winds brought us a new passage; a very tired bird landed on deck. Maks rescued it, babysat it during the day and feed it with a can of tuna.


1 thought on “[DAY 40] Strong rain and wind

  1. Hi, Ben and all the Crew!
    We are following you since the beginning of your adventurous journey!
    Our school is in Cascais, by the sea: cad.edu.pt
    Now our students are on holidays but they will be back in September and we will share with you our work about the Oceans and we will thank you for the beautiful inspiration you keep offering us to “live in a different way”.
    Warm Greetings from Portugal

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