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[DAY 41] The bird

The bird is still with us and Maks is keeping a close eye on her. The conditions today were perfect with very little wind and small waves. We started the day with Mark on the kayak, we both had great expectations on seeing sea life with those great conditions. But as the day progressed and the conditions stayed the same our expectations lowered. By midday, we hadn’t spotted anything but Mark wasn’t empty handed. He had found a fishing pole, a plastic ring (about 10 cm in diameter), a glass bottle and a plastic sole from a shoe. He and I were like a team in a dump truck, he was the driver and spotter and I was the person at the back getting the trash each time he made a stop.
Lauren replaced him after four hours and the rest of the day was about the same without the stop to pick up the trash. During my feeding breaks, I still found a few more pieces of plastic trash just by scouting the surface while eating my bread. During the last 10 minutes, I finally saw something, about 4 or 5 dorados, 2 to 3 feet long swam beside me. They were on my right side then they went under me then back on my right side. I told Lauren we had visitors and by the time she jumped in the water, they were gone.
It looks like tomorrow will be another kayak day, we haven’t been able to repair our Torqeedo engine yet. Our friends at Torqeedo send some new parts to our contact in Japan but now we have to find a way (ship) to meet us…

3 thoughts on “[DAY 41] The bird

  1. I hope you are able to make repairs soon.

    Does anyone know what kind of bird “bird” is? Is it a seabird or one that got blown in from land?

    Best wishes on your continuing journey!

  2. That’s one lucky bird to have landed, per chance, in the vast Pacific Ocean on a yacht with such kind-hearted people on board!

    Wishing you speedy repairs to your faulty engine! And may there be lots of fair weather ahead!

  3. Let’s hope the dingy engine problem can be solved by getting the parts to you. If there is anyone out there who can assist pls help The Swim and this worthy cause.

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