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[DAY 43] No two days are the same

I woke up and the winds and waves had changed. These conditions wouldn’t allow me to swim with a kayak. We still sailed to our waypoint hoping the conditions would improve but by the time we got there, they didn’t. In this situation, we could have used the RHIB, but it was pushing the limit for a kayaker and increasing the risk of having a person in distress in the water. Many times when I swim with the kayak, the crew on Seeker lose visual on us but the kayaker is in constant contact with the crew with a VHF radio communicating our location. We get our
GPS position through a Yellow Brick tracker that also automatically updates our position on our website (tracker) every 10 minutes. But I am relying on the kayaker to keep the communication opened with Seeker, and if for any reason he is not able to do so, then we drastically increase our risk to not get Seeker to come to us in time in case of emergency.
So for those reasons we decided that it was unsafe to swim with the kayak today.


2 thoughts on “[DAY 43] No two days are the same

  1. Hello Ben & Team,

    I really hope,the weather will change soon and the conditions for swimming will approve! I also hope, the repair of the RHIB motor will soon bei finished.
    Here in northern Germany we have perfect summer conditions for swimming and I’m with you, when I do my exercises in our fjord! I spread your swim in my community- they are quite impressed!!
    Here we also have a foundation for the support of sea projects.
    A lot more people may work for the oceans’ recovery, for the chance to change things.
    Go on bravely Guys!
    Blessed bei your adventure!

  2. Hi Team The Longest Swim. I also wish you easier conditions ahead and that a ship can rendezvous soon with Seeker to bring you the necessary spare parts for your motor.

    I’m at the coast too, and often when I’m driving past the ocean, I look out at the expanse of water and my thoughts turn to Ben and the Team out in the midst of the Pacific, working your way ahead, chipping away at the distance. Handling what each day, each moment brings your way.

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