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[DAY 44] Nausea

This morning the conditions hadn’t improved and it was forecasted to have the same weather for the next day as well. Squalls were passing through and dumping rain on and off the entire day. Maks told me to take advantage of that down time to rest and eat as much as possible. So I did. Each time I spend some time on the boat during rough conditions I start getting nausea. The conditions are totally different when I am on the boat or in the water. On the boat, my body has to adapt to the rocking and pitching of the boat, which sometimes is quite violent. In the water I am slowly being moved up and down by the waves, the amplitude and frequency change depending on the size and distance in between the waves. In the water, the motion is always softer. My body adapts very well to this situation, but every time I am back on the boat in rough seas my body has to adapt to a new type of motion and I am very often nauseated. This was one of those days.


2 thoughts on “[DAY 44] Nausea

  1. Tough day, tough conditions and I hope the waters calm for you soon… It’s an amazing challenge you’ve taken on, Ben, and it only gets done day by day. Float, rest when you can, and hang in there! -Sunessa Schettler, a 44 year old triathlete and follower of your journey from Cambridge, Mass, USA

  2. Just can’t believe what you are doing, Ben. I tell my grandchildren your story every day. And all their friends too. And of course we follow your blog. I think that my grandchildren are becoming
    good swimmers because of you. You are unbelievable! Anne Ann Arbor, Michigan

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