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[DAY 76] Fishing

If we look at the number of fish we caught and compare our last three days with the rest of the time we have spent at sea, they could not be more different.

During our first 50 plus days, micro plastic we only caught one barracuda.

Since we left Yokohama we caught 16 fish. The first day was 4 maii maii, the second day another 4 maii maii and yesterday 8 bonitos. To add fresh fish to our diet is a plus and we hope to do that as long as possible.

One of our scientific protocols is to measure, weight and check microplastic and micro fiber. We looked for micro plastic in all the stomachs and found one piece in one of them. For the micro fiber, we put a piece of flesh in a tube with an enzyme. After a few days, the enzyme will eat all organic material and only the plastic will remain. Micro plastic and micro fiber in fish are a very concerning problem, their concentration goes up the food chain because fish don’t digest them. We are at the end of the chain and unfortunately we don’t quite know what are the impacts on our health.

We are going to keep on tracking the micro plastic and micro fiber in the fish we catch, and find out if as the density of the micro plastic in the water increases we find more in the fish.

We would not have been able to catch all those fish without the help of Kazu and Kogo, two amazing Japanese people we met in Yokohama. Thank you Kazu and Kogo for those wonderful lures!


3 thoughts on “[DAY 76] Fishing

  1. Hello Ben.
    Congratulation ,You got some fishes. We are very happy about our lures work to fishing. I hear information that there are no fishes in mid pacific ocean. Because Kuroshio current will be done in mid pacific ocean. If you would like to get fish around such area, I recommend attack along border of current. You can see border of current because water color is little be different in border.

  2. Awesome work. Who’s the guy with the fish ? looks like our son Brian !!! Safe sailing, keep up the great work !!

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