Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 77] Back to routine

We have been at sea for few days, the team is getting back to a routine and the new crew members are acclimating to their new “home”.  We have three new members to replace Lauren and Joe who decided to not go on. I will miss them, both of them brought valuable skill sets to our expedition and were great people to share this unique experience with. Thank you for everything you did, your enthusiasm and for making this very challenging swim easier and more enjoyable not only for me but also for the rest of the crew. I am looking forward to seeing you on land.

Now we are a team of 10, we added, Brian, our marine engineer, Gonzalo, our research assistant and James, our new cameraman. Those past few days have been a time for them to get used to our sailboat and to us and it has also been a time to get used to them. But for now, we only have sailed and haven’t really started the expedition with the swim and data collection. This will require a lot from everybody and this is when we will truly learn about people’s character and they will discover a lot about themselves too. Brian, Gonzalo and James have been thrown into a very challenging situation without having enough time to realize what was happening to them, but I am confident the new team will raise to the occasion and make this expedition a success.


6 thoughts on “[DAY 77] Back to routine

  1. Yes!! Just saw the map and so excited that you guys are almost back to the last position and the swim is about begin again!!

    Best of luck, I keep telling all my friends here in LA about this incredible journey!


  2. Please send our love to Gonzalo from his brother and sister in law, Tomas and Olivia! We are following you from NY and wish the whole team the best of luck.

    Keep safe.

  3. Great to see things can get momentum again, it must really have been frustrating to have to turn back to land again! All the best with the new team constellation, it does bring new dynamics but life is all about embracing constant change, isn’t it?!

    Thanks for the updates and may your journey carry on successfully!

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