Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 83] Sore body

The day started with rough seas that prevented us from launching the dinghy, but it wasn’t forecasted to last the entire day. Fortunately, it didn’t, and by midday the waves were getting smaller and I was able to start swimming.

Paul and Maria were in the dinghy. We still had a few good waves but nothing like yesterday and their sizes were decreasing as the day progressed.

Yesterday I felt some pain under my left arm and in the evening I felt a small bump. I didn’t pay too much attention, I remembered something like that happened a week after we left Choshi. Today I had the same pain under my right arm as well. Each time I rotated my shoulder I felt the uncomfortable pressure in my armpits.

In the evening I told Maks about it, he had a look at the round bumps under my arms. After a few seconds of palpating me in different places, he told me it looked like these were my lymph nodes that were inflamed. There is nothing to worry about, it is normal for my immune system to be solicited under such conditions.



Weather conditions:

Cloudy (4/8)

Wind speed: 15 kts

Wind direction: W

Waves height: 1-2m

Waves direction: WNW

Water temperature: 28.3°C

Miles swam: 10.31 NM

4 thoughts on “[DAY 83] Sore body

  1. Hey Ben,iys Jeffrey Click. Just wishing you a safe adventure. I hope to see you someday down at moms. Im sure she woukd love a visit from you as well as I would. You are doing an amazing job creating awareness about our oceans. Keep strong my friend. 🙂

  2. Wishing you a safe adventure, but is it not take a risk even with our assistance because you are a swimmer so your progression is so small and in few month weather condition will be bad as you know.

  3. As I’m reading this I knew exactly what it was. I used to always get them and they suck and hurt so bad!! On my end it was the aluminum in my anti perspirant that kept causing it. Second I switched to a all natural non aluminum deodorant I never had the problem again. Anyways keep up the great Work Ben! You’re a total badasss!!

  4. Ben,
    I feel tired after 1 hour of swimming, you make that seem like a warm up. I don’t know anybody who could last a week in the ocean, let alone months! Just don’t give up and just keep swimming…

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