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[DAY 84] Ty’s Birthday

The wind and waves were still helping my progression and the waves had subsided since yesterday. I felt their occasional push once in a while.

Ty and James were on the dinghy today. During my first food break, I asked Ty to call Paul on Seeker because I had a question for him. Seeker was sailing close to us since the beginning of the day. I told Paul we are ready.

Paul told Ty to look under his seat in the battery compartment there was something for him. Ty followed Paul’s instruction and found a paper with a cartoon of him and all our messages to wish him happy birthday. At the same time Seeker sail right past the dinghy and everybody was on deck singing Happy Birthday. I pulled myself halfway out off the water and gave him hug, I felt the moment touched him and was special for all of us.

It was Ty’s 31st birthday and he didn’t expect us to remember.

The rest of the day was just business as usual, I didn’t encounter any sea life, I just saw the usual clear plastic floating in the water column. I was able to grab one right next to me, just a couple of feet under the surface.

At the end of the day, I followed the same routine. While I was still in the water I removed my equipment, gave it a good rinse before passing it on to the dinghy people. I have to rinse it pretty well because unfortunately, I urinate in my wetsuit, I cannot hold it for 8 hours -Once I am totally naked I rinse myself before jumping in the dinghy and the first thing I do on Seeker is take a shower with fresh water- But this time it was a little different, after I rinsed myself in the ocean, I told Ty I felt something bitting me several times. I asked him to pass me my goggles to look below to find the perpetrator. As soon as I stuck my head in the water I raised my naked butt out off the water in Ty’s direction. In the morning, before putting my wetsuit on, a message was put on my butt chicks with a marker: Happy B-day Ty!

Ty told me it was the first time that someone wished him happy birthday that way, it was a first for me too. We will both remember this one forever. Happy Birthday my friend!


5 thoughts on “[DAY 84] Ty’s Birthday

  1. Are you able to update us daily on how many miles Ben has cumulatively swum, and how he still has left to San Francisco

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Ty. What a great team you have there, Ben. What a great guy they are supporting! Wishing you all continued success.

  3. Thank you Ben and the crew for making Tyral’s 31st birthday so special, you are like family to him. He will cherish your special birthday wish.

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