Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 89] Extra hours

Last night we moved our watch forward by one hour, to start our day earlier and get more sun light at the end of the day. This would allow me to swim longer and not be stopped by the sunset. In the past I had to make my swim day shorter because I cannot swim once we start to lose sun light, at that time of the day jellyfish come up to the surface and the visibility in the water gets considerably reduced. I like to see as much as possible around me, this is an important safety issue.

This morning I jumped in the water knowing that I would have an extra hour at the end of the day if I wanted to extend my swim by one hour.

The entire day was pretty uneventful, I had very good swimming conditions. During my food breaks, Maks and Mark jumped in the water each time to cool off. For them too, nothing different was happening.

At the end of my 8 hours swim, I told them I felt good and would push it for an extra hour. Today I swam for 9 hours.


Weather conditions:

Sunny (could coverage 1/8)

Wind speed: 6 kts

Wind direction: W

Waves height: 0.5-1m

Waves direction: W

Water temperature: 27.6°C

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  1. We are checking your progress every day at our engineering office. All the guys and girls are rooting for you and your team. Impressed!

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