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[DAY 90] Another fantastic swim day

Another fantastic swim day. Since we have move our clock by one hour, not only do I get an extra hour of sun light at the end of the day but I also wake up with amazing sun rises.

I swam for 9 hours and 20 minutes, the most I ever swam since our departure from Choshi. At the end of the day what hurt the most was my lymph node under my right arm. The one under my left arm has been back to normal since yesterday. The constant rub of my wetsuit each time I rotate my arm, creates a small friction against it and when it gets repeated 1,000’s times, it becomes very sensitive at the end of the day.

I only saw a school of fish during the day, other than that, I didn’t encountered much. It seems like George, our shark, got tired of us.

The end of the day finished by an under water light show. Bioluminescent planktons rose to the surface. They looked like one to two centimeters wide spider web carrying tiny LED light on their structure. Their color ranged from light to dark blue going into the purple. They were slowly passing below me, it was a parade of light.


Sunny (could coverage 0/8)

Wind speed: 6 kts

Wind direction: W

Waves height: 0-1m

Waves direction: W

Water temperature: 27.8°C

5 thoughts on “[DAY 90] Another fantastic swim day

  1. The parade was for you Ben! Thanking you for the future gifts you are bringing to light for them.
    Blessings and Strength!

  2. Respect for everything jou are doing tot the ocean live, also inspiring to follow jou during this challenge, gr Paul

  3. Hi Ben and team
    I’m from Chennai, India and am closely following your amazing superhuman adventure. Congrats and kudos – what a cause you’re doing it for!
    Do you follow the time zone that is applicable in the particular longitude? How do you guys decide what time to set your watches to? Thanks.

  4. I’m following your amazing Pacific swim from Regina, Canada. At least the water temp. is favorable as you swim with the current.

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