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[DAY 91] The turtle

I have been able to swim every day for the past 13 days. Today, our luck is still with us. First thing I do, when I woke up, is to check the weather and sea conditions, and what a sight it was. A beautiful sunrise over calm waters greeted me when I stepped on deck. This is always magic to look at an unobstructed 360-degree view of the sun painting the clouds in yellow, orange, red and purple over a still ocean.

Ty and Brian were on the dinghy and we had great hope to see many things in the water, no wave blocked our view, we could see for miles away right on top of the water.

After two hours into the swim, they stopped and pointed to a small brown piece, the size of my hand, swimming on top of the water saying: “check out the turtle!”

I extended my hand out and without much effort, the turtle landed in my right palm. The little guy didn’t fight to escape, on the contrary,, he stayed still. I passed him on to Ty to check for any lines and any other visible problems. The turtle was passed on to Brian and he stayed still all that time. Brian found a small crab tucked in between one of his back fins and shell. He removed it and flicked it in the ocean. He put back the small turtle in the water and we looked at him resume his long voyage without the extra baggage.

Brian noticed the crab had landed on me and was running on my back, he grabbed it and sent it a little further in the water.

Today I put on a sleeveless wetsuit to minimize the rub against my lymph node. Yesterday, at the end of the day, one of my lymph nodes under my right arm was very sensitive. With this wetsuit nothing was really rubbing against it, my shoulders were very free and they felt pretty loose.

Few minutes after I had resumed swimming, I felt something under my right armpit, I reached with my left hand to check on my lymph node and what a surprise, I found the crab attached tightly to my hair! I grabbed it and threw it as far as possible.

These were our only interactions with sea life for the day if we don’t count the jellyfish that stung Brian and me at the end of the day. Brian joined me and swam for the last 3 hours of my day. Thank you Brian!


2 thoughts on “[DAY 91] The turtle

  1. I’ve been following your mission very attentively for some time now. I am always very impressed by what you and the rest of your team are doing great every day. I really hope you can generate a lot of attention, so that the people rethink how we treat this wonderful world. We only have this one! …
    You also always write really great and unique stories of your new “friends” you meet on your path through the Ocean! I wish all of you a good journey through the ocean! Good Luck! Michael K.

  2. Btw I love the relaunched website. Much more convenient to read, very clean and friendly.
    Could you please add social sharing buttons close to each posts?
    Thank you!

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