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[DAY 100] Swimming 1,000 NM

Last night I heard a lot of excitement on deck, I was already in my bunk and couldn’t wait to start my night. But I was too curious and got up to check out what it was all about.

Gonzo was shining a spot light on top of the water and with a net, catching lantern fish. Lantern fish are very abundant and very small fish, they are an essential source of food and at the bottom of the food chain. Scientists want to find out how much plastic is in their stomach, so we catch them and freeze them for the study, this is one of our protocols.

The spot light was also attracting many little bugs that crawled on top of the water, they almost looked like little spiders, I had never seen that before. They were so many of them in the middle of the ocean. And where are they during the day?

But everybody was shouting because of the squids. About ten of them came to the light and were catching the lantern fish and other little fish. Gonzo tried to catch one with his net but they were too fast for him.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed the conditions had changed, the wind had picked up and expected to reached about 30 knots by the end of the day and the waves had built up to 2.5 meters.

This was the welcome I got for my 100th day. It had been 100 days since I started the swim but there was also another milestone for the day, I had about 10 more nautical miles to swim to reach 1,000.

After finishing my 4th hour I heard Yoav communicating to Gonzo and Maks on the dinghy that I had swum 1,000 nm.

At the end of the day, after battling waves coming in two different directions, we took the time to take few pictures to commemorate the day. I raised my fins out of the water for the picture, 1,000 nm was written on the bottom.


Weather conditions:

Sunny (could coverage 6/8)

Wind speed: 22 kts

Wind direction: NE

Waves height: 1.5-2m

Waves direction: NE

Water temperature: 29°C

Miles swam: 14.81

16 thoughts on “[DAY 100] Swimming 1,000 NM

  1. What an achievement ! Congratulations and keep it up! Your emphasis on the plastic crisis is so important. Thanks for your daily logs.

  2. 1000 nm and lots of great research. Congratulations! And good luck as you continue the journey.

  3. Hi Ben & Folks,

    1000 best wishes & congratiolation from Germany. You are the ocean Warrior!
    Go on bravely

  4. Congratulations Ben… and crew!
    1,000 praises to you and your efforts.
    You are definitely creating a positive energy for the oceans!
    Stay strong and mentally tough!

  5. Keep up the good work, what you do is exeptional!!! Have courage and faith in your unique achievement!

  6. Awesome swim.. Im sure you already talk fish.. keep your strokes even and uniform.. thank you in the name of all long-distance swimmers all over. Best luck to you and your crew.

  7. Congratulations! Keep on keeping on, Ben and Team. Thank you for putting your love of the ocean and all its creatures into action!

  8. Amazing achievement! I’ve been following since the start and it’s a pleasure to see an update during my lunchtime check!

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