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[DAY 101] A day off

Day off today, the wind picked up even more than yesterday and the waves were too big to safely launch the dinghy.

I tried to spend this time to rest but it was difficult, I was tossed around in my bunk. Every time we have big seas and I am on the sailboat, I get seasick. This was true today; I got a headache and felt nauseated.

So I spent most of my day trying to sleep and walking up the stair to the deck to get some fresh air.


4 thoughts on “[DAY 101] A day off

  1. Dear Ben – about your motion sickness…do the motion sickness wrist
    bands not work for you? If you don’t have any, and could arrange several pairs to reach you when you have your next drop off/pick up point, I can recommend them highly. I have gotten amazing relief from vertigo, nausea during chemotherapy and use them when I sail as well as fly. They work by applying pressure to the Nei-Kuan point on your wrists. I hope you get some rest and respite from the big seas. My grandsons and I check on you each and every morning. Blessings, Gail A.

  2. Aloha Ben, I’m not a doctor but I understand and have experienced the misery of your sea-sicknes in the open ocean. Another possible solution is a prescription med called phenergan. It’s an anti-nausea medication usually given to chemo therapy patients but it works really well for motion sickness, too.
    Just want you to know I’ve been following you and your awesome team from the start and send warm aloha from Kona to each of you. Feel better and may you have fair winds, smooth seas and favorable currents. You are helping to save our oceans, earth and humanity! No matter how rough it gets out there, please know in your heart that people really care what you are doing for all of us. Mahalo nui loa and kia haha, Jane

  3. Hey Ben, I have been following your blog everyday now, it has sort of become a part of my routione and my day does not finish without reading it.

    Saying that you are an inspiration would be an understatment. You are way more than that. The way you are moving forward with your journey, with your decision to swim the pacific ocean gives me the strenght to move forward with my decisions and goals in life. It makes me think that its okay to feel nauseated sometimes or take a day off or to even take a step back sometimes when the situations are not right. You have taught to me keep moving foward and have hope that the next day will be better. I had always known this things but seeing you practicing all of this everyday on your blog makes me beileve in it.

    You journey has changed the prespective of how I look at my goals now and I would like to thank you for that 🙂 .

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