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[DAY 103] Feeling off

I wasn’t feeling my best this morning when I woke up, I was a little off. I didn’t have a great night of sleep but it wasn’t too bad.
The conditions had improved from yesterday but we still had big waves and strong wind.
Ty and Gonzo were in the dinghy and dressed with rain gear, not so much because of the rain but for the waves that crushed against the RHIB and splashed them.
Yesterday, quite a few waves got into the dinghy and the digital screen of Mark’s camera stopped working. He put it in a bag of rice overnight but it is still not working.
Today, no cinema cameras were on board the dinghy just GoPros.
All day long I battled with the waves coming straight at me and some from the side that seemed to be coming out of nowhere. It wasn’t a smooth and relaxed swim, I had to readjust my form almost every stroke and straighten myself to be balanced around my longitudinal axis. That was extra work and very tiring.
Waves were crashing over me and building up over my head, very often they filled up my snorkel. Over the years, I have developed a breathing rhythm to insure I don’t inhale any water that could be left at the bottom of the snorkel. Before inhaling I always exhale a small burst of air to eject any remaining water. The rhythm goes like that: I blow through my nose (I wear wide swim goggles) during two full rotations of my right arm, then I exhale a burst of air through my mouth and inhale through my mouth during one full rotation of my right arm. I have done it so many times, for the past 25 years, that it is second nature and I don’t have to think about it, it just comes naturally.

After six hours of those difficult swimming conditions my batteries were running low and I told Ty I was going to swim one more hour and then it would be done for the day. Ty replied: “that is good the Torqeedo batteries are running low too, one more hour then.”
We went on for the last hour, during that time I thought about the conditions for tomorrow. Bad weather had been forecasted for the next two days…

Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 5/8)
Wind speed: 15 kts
Wind direction: NE
Waves height: 2-3m
Waves direction: E
Water temperature: 28.2°C

4 thoughts on “[DAY 103] Feeling off

  1. This, too, shall pass…wishing you all calmer seas out there in the deep Pacific and a nausea-free state when on board Seeker! Your online community is rooting for you and sending positive energy to you and the Team!

  2. You said…”All day long I battled with the waves coming straight at me and some from the side that seemed to be coming out of nowhere.” In some way, that sounds like my day now and then. I don’t battle it as efficiently as you do, but now am inspired to develop my rhythm to make it through my “crashing waves”. An inspirational read from you today. Thank you for sharing !

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