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[DAY 104] A rough night

The forecast was correct, we had 35 knots of wind today with breaking waves. It was a no-swim day and I slept in.

For the past month, I have been sleeping in a bunk instead of the “coffin”. We call the coffin a bunk that has a flat surface and half of its length is closed in. You have to slide your lower body inside a box. Because of the box, in the coffin the air is not circulating much, but on the positive side, your body rests on a flat surface.

On a regular bunk, your body lays on a curved surface which prevents it from rocking to much from side to side but you can never flatten your shoulders on the mattress.

Now that I sleep on the bunk, I get better air circulation, less rocking from side to side but I can’t relax my shoulders like I did when I slept on the coffin flat surface.

I had a rough night, I woke up every time a big wave hit the side of the boat and rocked her, this was accompanied by the noise of the water rushing through the deck.

The waves lifted, pulled and pushed our 50 tons living space like a kid playing with his toy in a bathtub.
This weather is forecasted to last two days.

Today I wasn’t able to make any progress to get closer to our next milestone: 1000 nautical miles from the Japanese coast. And it looks like tomorrow won’t be the day either.


6 thoughts on “[DAY 104] A rough night

  1. Bonjour Benoît,
    Nous sommes élèves dans un collège d’Alsace en France et nous suivons vos aventures depuis le mois de juin. Nous avons fait des affiches pour informer les autres élèves de votre exploit. Nous sommes impressionnés par votre incroyable courage et votre force mentale. Vous avez de la chance de pouvoir croiser des requins, des baleines, des tortues et toute la vie marine. Nous nous sommes demandés comment cela est- il possible qu’un requin s’approche de vous alors que vous portez une montre anti- requins ?
    Nous espérons que votre blessure ne vous fait plus trop souffrir. Nous sommes choqués par tout le plastique que vous trouvez dans l’océan. Que pensez- vous de l’opération Ocean clean- up ?
    Merci de vos réponses et en attendant, nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous ! Kévin, Sophie, Laetitia, Lou- Ann, Florian, Louis, Justin, Morgane, Noa, Alexis et Brandon.

  2. Tough and rough. Stay positive. There are people all over the world thinking of you. I’m from South Africa! Hope the weather calms soon.

  3. Just try to imagine how you feel , trying to sleep in a boat that rocks, with all the noise of water and storm, waking up each few Minutes. How you and the crew remain in good spirits, can imagine you feel so tired during daytime. How do you manage to eat fresh food ? Is there any external supply of fresh food now and then ? Follow you each day, from Amsterdam

  4. Better Days to you Ben, I cannot tell you how much your Up’s and Down’s affect us on a virtual heartfelt level. Difficult to read and to know, and yet you keep your Rhythm and persevere…Nothing less than heroic..! Off days and On days are all part of your tapestry and you soldier on. Again…inspiring. Our positive thoughts, as always, are with you and send to you the Best of Wind and Wave…**BigHugs**

  5. Thank you so much for your courage! Even on the difficult days that you can’t swim, you and your team’s perseverance is an inspiration to me. I have already cut down on my plastic use and will be cutting down even more!

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