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[DAY 105] My crew

The forecast was correct, today again the conditions did not allow me to swim. It has been a while since I had not been able to swim for two days in a row; it was more than a month ago when we were in Yokohama.

This is the closest I would ever experience to having a weekend off. So I slept in, ate a lot, took naps, watched movies and worked on emails.

It felt different to be on the boat during the day and witnessing the daily task of the crew. It never stopped, there was always something to be worked on; cooking, cleaning, fixing broken parts, editing video, collecting data for our scientific protocols, adjusting sails… Our sailboat is a little different because it is a racing boat designed to be handled by a crew of 14. Everything is mechanical and there is no furling sail, this means that every time we need to make a change of sails or adjust them, a few people need to be on deck to handle the maneuver. We are not 14 but 10 and since I don’t count as I am not part of the watch, all the rotations and daily boat tasks are handled by only nine people.

Of course, there is downtime or less busy moments in the day but that could change at any time especially during rough weather.

Specific tasks are assigned to each watch and everybody know their schedule and tasks. The watches rotate so that nobody gets stuck with the graveyard watch.

During rough weather, there are two people on a watch otherwise only one. When I swim, two people are on the dinghy, and only 7 people are left to handle the daily tasks on our mothership.

From those 7, usually one or two are asleep because they were on the night watch. So maybe only 5 are available, and the daily tasks won’t go away!

It takes an amazing group of people to live in such a confined place with limited comfort. Remember this is a racing boat, it is all about efficiency, there is no comfort here.

I have a big respect for this unique group of people, thank you, my friends, for your dedication!


5 thoughts on “[DAY 105] My crew

  1. Ben you truly are a spiritual man being able to visualize, respect and admire your surroundings. I believe the admiration is abundant aboard your ship!
    Strong strokes, fast currents and smooth sails…

    1. Loved reading your description of the Cast and Crew of the Mother Ship! It is to me like a clock…You see and know the Face (you) that gives the visual of its purpose. But when you open the back and see into the inner workings behind that Face, it humbles you and are given a new level of appreciation. You all look like Rock Stars in a Band! :)) All making the Music of the Journey in harmony. You all Rock..!

  2. Thanks for taking time to describe the daily workings on the yacht to us.
    You guys are all truly self-actualised individuals, to be able to work so skilfully together under such extreme conditions for such an extended period of time!

  3. Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into the daily routine of the crew. You are an amazingly dedicated team. I hope Ben can be back in the water soon as I love hearing about your adventures and following your progress to SFO.

    Wishing you smooth waters!

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