Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 107] Mind games

Today was a day for a mind game. When I swim I occupy my mind in different ways. One of them is by playing games, particularly memorization games.
Paul and James were on the dinghy. I asked Paul to pick random numbers between 0 and 99 and write 4 series of 10 numbers on a piece of paper. He pulled out a bloc note and wrote down his first series of ten numbers and read me slowly the numbers one by one. I memorized them.

During my next break, he did the same and I memorized his second series. We did it two more times, and one more time when we were back on Seeker. So, at the end of the day I had memorized 5 series of 10 numbers. What I did during the day was working out a system so that I could remember those numbers in a grid. I asked Paul to pick any number in the 5 series and I was able to tell him the row and column of the number. I asked him to pick a row and a column and I could tell him which number was there in the grid. I don’t know if it will ever be useful but it sure occupied my most of my day.


Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 4/8)
Wind speed: 14 kts
Wind direction: SSW
Waves height: 0.5-1m
Waves direction: SW
Water temperature: 27.5°C

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