Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 111] Another swordfish

Ty and Maks were on the tender and the conditions were more in my favor today; the waves were much smaller and the wind had almost died. On my second food break, Ty told me they spotted some whales but they weren’t able to get close to them on time. I asked people on the dinghy to get to anything they might think is interesting (sea life, debris…) even if it meant a change of course.

Later on in the day, the dinghy stopped and I heard Ty shout: “Ben, a shark, 20 meters” while pointing to my right.

Maks put a GoPro underwater as he followed the direction of the fins. Then Ty said: “it is not a shark, the fins look more like those of a swordfish.” During all that time I had my head under water to try to locate the animal but I didn’t see anything.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened for the rest of the day. Today I swam for a little over 8 hours and covered 24 miles progressing eastward. This heading was very important as we were still trying to avoid the eddy.


Weather conditions:
Partly Cloudy (could coverage 3/8)
Wind speed: 6 kts
Wind direction: ENE
Waves height: 0.5m
Waves direction: ENE
Water temperature: 26.5°C

2 thoughts on “[DAY 111] Another swordfish

  1. My deepest respect! Unbelievable, that a human beeing will (no doubt) swim across the pacific! I wish i would be part of the Team, great Adventure! Keep it up!

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