Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 112] Cheese!

Today, we were fortunate to have the same weather conditions as yesterday, calm sea with little wind coming from the west.

James and Mark, our cameramen had been needed aerial and underwater footage for a while, so we decided to schedule some time in the afternoon to do that.

In the morning, I swam four hours and covered 11 miles, I have about 20 more miles to swim before reaching the 1000 miles marker away from the Japanese coast.

During three of those four hours, I had a companion. A fish with back and very light blue stripes, about a foot-long, came to check me and swam under the tender the rest of the time. During my breaks, it would leave the dinghy and circle me a few times before going back under it.

On my first break, I had a piece of Comte (French cheese) with my usual fresh bread, a real treat.
My companion had a treat too, a small piece of bread fell in the water.

In the afternoon, James operated the drone and took some amazing and epic shoots, with Seeker, the dinghy and me on this vast and limitless blue background.

Then, Mark jumped in the water and took underwshotsrom beside and below me.


Weather conditions:
Partly Cloudy (could coverage 3/8)
Wind speed: 10 kts
Wind direction: SE
Waves height: 0.5m
Waves direction: SE
Water temperature: 27.1°C

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