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[DAY 113] Thank you

Hello everyone, and thank you for following us. Sometimes I forget that there is a world out there on land with humans! Here in our microcosm, every day I interact with the same 9 amazing people and this is the extent of my social life. For most of the time though, I am even alone lost in my own thoughts swimming and progressing toward our next milestone.

This morning we were about 25 miles away from the 1000 miles marker. Before jumping in the water, I had a couple of long phone calls with the production company Nomadica and Seeker about what we could do to celebrate when we will reach the milestone, many exciting things coming!

It was a short day in the water with Brian and Mark on the dinghy. We had difficulty staying on our eastern course, the current kept on pushing us north. The 11 miles I swam today didn’t make much progress toward our 1000 miles, I will have to put a big day tomorrow.


Swam:  13.54 NM
Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 2/8)
Wind speed: 8 kts
Wind direction: SE
Waves height: 0.5m
Waves direction: SW
Water temperature: 26.5°C

4 thoughts on “[DAY 113] Thank you

  1. You are a big inspiration! Keep up the great swim. I look forward to reading your blogs every day. I pray for you and your crew’s safety. When I start to tire swimming my 30 laps, I think about you.

  2. It’s such a thrill to read your journal, Ben – thank you for making the additional effort to keep us in the loop. You and your crew are an inspiration for adventure and awareness. I read your journal from the fluorescent starkness of my desk at work – the difference between your work environment and my own couldn’t be greater. Our goals however are similar – I work for NASA – we both share the desire to explore new worlds and push the boundaries of what has been done before. There are days I can’t break away from work to read your writing (I missed the past week or so), so I binge them in mass when I return – it’s always such a pleasure to rejoin the journey and find out how *we’re* doing. Just wanted to reach out and let you know that it’s not just the 9 of you out there – you’ve got the rest of us with you as well – your silent, far far away crew that has your back and sends you good luck from wherever we are – I hope you feel us with you, supporting your every effort. Best of luck to you – best of luck to the crew. I’ll write again soon. (Roger)

  3. Hello Ben &Folks,
    I agree with the aforementioned comment!
    Yesterday,I swam in our cold fjord in Baltica sea thinking of your swim. I met some jellyfishes. One was half hidden within a plastic bag. I could only feel the back with water for make the jellyfish swim out.
    This little experienc Stands for all the animals suffering from our plastic use. Go an documenting the human sind against evironement to make the world wäre. Virtual swarm of your followers is with you.

  4. Dear Ben and Team, it is we who thank YOU! Thank you for being custodians of the ocean and reminding us about how urgent it is becoming to curb our destructive impact on this planet.

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