Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 118] Making 1000NM

When I woke up this morning the waves were still crushing dangerously and we waited a couple of hours before we could make a decision. During that time the wind speed decreased and the waves became less dangerous to launch the dinghy.

So, we let our team on land at Seeker know that we would schedule our swim launch at around noon, so we could organize live stream on Facebook to celebrate the crossing of the 1,000 nautical miles marker.

Everybody was on deck for the live stream, Paul introduced everybody, asked questions and then I jumped in the water to cover the last miles to reach the marker.

Ty and James were on the dinghy. In the fourth hour, the crew from our sailboat dropped a pole in the water at the 1,000 miles marker. On that pole they had attached 4 signs with arrows pointing to the directions, it had: Japan 1,000 nm, International Space Station 220 nm, USA 3,600 nm, and Ocean Floor 2 nm. I added the Explorers Club flag #207 to the pole 

Finally, after the last difficult days of fighting the northern current, I made it to the 1,000 miles maker and swam up to today a total of 1,251 miles.


Weather conditions:

Overcast (could coverage 6/8)

Wind speed: 15 kts

Wind direction: ESE

Waves height: 4 m

Waves direction: N

Water temperature: 27°C

17 thoughts on “[DAY 118] Making 1000NM

  1. Congrats on making the first big milestone. Major psychological achievement indeed. Doesn’t get any easier but – its good to get that first one under your belt. Will come a point soon where a lot of trades will need to be discussed on whether it is worth continuing to follow that strong current or to “cut the corners” by swimming north of the main flow to prevent adding all of those extra miles to your trek going further south just because. Better to swim thru “still” water for awhile than swim an extra 300-miles because the flow is forcing you that way. I know you and your team already know this, I’m just thinking out loud. I would have to look at your current track to see where you are right now. It may already be to late to do what I was trying to articulate. Regardless, the wife and I wish you all the best.

  2. Hello Ben & Crew,
    You achieved a1st big Challenge!
    Congratiolations : bravely done!
    Continue with good vibes.
    Greetings from rainy cold Germany.

  3. Dear Ben and Crew,
    The first 1000 miles are gone, now you can look at the next ones with satisfaction. It is difficult to imagine the efforts and the sacrifice of you all… even if you share with us a lot. The psychological challenge is enormous, you won’t be the same persons in the end. The ocean is shaping your mind and I hope it will be possible to know some of the scientific results of your experience, from a psychological point of view (sorry, I’m a psychotherapist).
    In the meanwhile, I really thank you for your generous commitment to this wonderful project. You are enveloped by the prayers and support of many many people all over the world, including mine.
    Bravi, go ahead!

  4. Congratulations on accomplishing this milestone, Ben and crew!! I’m an ocean swimmer and I don’t think I have the words to adequately express how inspiring and epic your quest is to me and my friends. Mahalo nui from Kona for your efforts to raise environmental awareness and knowledge of our oceans. Kia kaha!

  5. To paraphrase and use Arlo Guthrie’s garden song, Inch by inch, row by row:

    Mile by mile, wave by wave,
    Helping the planet to be saved
    All it takes is arm over arm
    To bring awareness to the harm.

    Wind and waves, sun and rain
    On and on and staying sane!
    With team rapport, and soup and bread
    Ending each day in a rocking bed

    Aardvarks and whales swimming nearby
    Lending encouragment as you all pass by,
    Spreading the word that help will come
    From the research being done.

    Keep a straight path with strokes oh so strong
    Tempered with gratitude and song
    Mother Earth will make you strong
    If you give her love and care

    Mile by mile, day by day
    On the way to San Francisco Bay
    Bringing the knowledge to change our ways
    Cause the time is close at hand.

    Congratulations on the first 1000 miles.

  6. We check your position every morning and pray for your safe trip with my pupils. We got this years theme in our school and it is “water”. I do long distance triathlons myself, so I understand how amazing are your daydistances. God bless you all team. It is so important that we keep noise about clean water and against littering. Teacher of Christian school at Tampere, Finland

  7. Ben and the team, you are an inspiration! When i saw the picture I had a wee chortle to myself thinking that the marker pole was there permanently!!. Watching your progress and enjoying your logbook immensely. Just wanted to say well done to you and the team, a tremendous achievement. May your journey continue in good health. I used to be a swimmer but the water was supported by 4 concrete walls and a floor, not 5 continents and the sea bed. Truly amazing. Scotland is watching you!

  8. What an amazing accomplishment – 1000 NM! As an ESL teacher, I am watching your swim with some of my online students who are learning and practicing English. We love your story, your courage and your tenacity. My students from Korea and China really enjoy seeing where you are on the live tracker and reading your blog. Thank you for sharing and know that you are inspiring me in Canada and so many students around the world! Stay safe.

  9. Congratulations on the 1000/1250 mn, you and the team! On this day I participated in my second swim in the sea. At first, I gave up in half, this time I completed. It was in Copacabana, I made 1.5 Km in 44 minutes. I have to improve myself. I like to follow your journey and I think your attitude is brilliant in the face of this humiliation of the human being, which is all this pollution. Congratulations and strength!

  10. Congratulations Ben!

    Every day I come into work I read your journal entries to read up on your progress. Today I was glad to catch up and see that you’ve finally made it to this big milestone after much challenge! In Japanese we say ‘yoku ganbarimashita, otsukare sama desu.’ Very well earned, great job for a job well done. ‘Ganbatte kudasai’ Keep pushing to your next milestone! Thank you sir and your team for committing to this amazing journey for a very important purpose!

  11. What’s the maximum time you spend swimming without stopping? I was wondering if there is a moment when you’ve been swimming for so long (1 hour) with no pause that if you keep swimming you dont get tired as much as if you make short stops every 30 minutes. Just wanted to know more about the time management during the swimming time. Thank you!

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