Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 119] Battling the northern current

I was back in the water today and still battling the northern current. I had decided to put on a sleeveless wetsuit to provide me a better range of motion but I was feeling the cold on my arms. During my first food break, I got a little cold. I resumed swimming and decided to skip my next break to find out if I were going to lose less body heat. After skipping my second break, I didn’t feel hungry and I was able to stay warm. So I kept on going and skipped the third break. I was still ok but started to feel a little colder.
I went on to swim for 5 hours without taking a break, food nor water. I had one more hour to go before the end of my day but I was getting too cold to keep on going. I decided to stop swimming for the day.
At the end of the day I was curious to find out if we had drifted less during the day since we had less breaks. But it did not make any difference.
During the day, I passed to Paul and Gonzo, who were in the dinghy a small piece of net which was just floating under the surface and right in my trajectory. We always find debris no matter where we are in the ocean.

Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 3/8)
Wind speed: 13 kts
Wind direction: ESE
Waves height: 1-2 m
Waves direction: E
Water temperature: 27.4°C

1 thought on “[DAY 119] Battling the northern current

  1. i have been swimming one half hour per day in an old gravel pit/park in boise, idaho. i think I’m macho doing so…what a joke…its called White Water Park. I’m 66 and compared to other sports…feel great when exiting the cold/fresh water.

    Best of luck…think of boise from time to time…les boise. great city in Idaho. potatoes
    the pacific water must be blue and beautiful. What your accomplishing is unimaginable.
    You are my hero! Don’t give up!

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