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[DAY 120] Engine issues

We started the day with some mechanical issues on our mothership. The generator and the engine wouldn’t start. After spending some time troubleshooting the problem, Yoav and Brain could not find a fix. Yoav called Ras, our chief engineer who worked on the preparation and delivery of the boat to Japan. Ras was able to diagnose the problem and provide a fix over the phone from Europe. Is there something he cannot fix?
The charge of the main battery bank was below 60% which had triggered the fire extinguishing system to shoot off the generator and engine. Yoav had to bypass it in order to run the generator and recharge the batteries.
There were still some issues about bypassing the system or resetting it in order to start the main engine, but this would be on tomorrow’s to-do list.
The mechanical problems did not stop here. I was in my second hour of swimming when our dinghy engine stopped working.
We radioed the crew, I jumped in the dinghy and a few minutes later we were plucked out off the water.
The rest of the day everybody was busy fixing engines, I took this time to recharge my batteries too and slept.

Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 2/8)
Wind speed: 18 kts
Wind direction: SE
Waves height: 1.5-2 m
Waves direction: NW
Water temperature: 27.2°C

4 thoughts on “[DAY 120] Engine issues

  1. Sounds like a frustrating day I hope it is resolved in a timely manner. Praying for better days for you including easier current issues in the water and no more mechanical issues with the main boat and the dinghy

  2. Just keep swimming.
    Just keep swimming.
    Just keep swimming.
    Just keep swimming.
    Just keep swimming.

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