Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 124] Cold temperatures

Since Seeker main engine doesn’t have any electric power, we still cannot turn it on. We can only maneuver our mothership under sail.

This morning there was little wind and it took us a while to sail to the swim point. I had a late start and it gave me the time to repair one of my wetsuits.

Now that the temperature is dropping, I can feel the cold water entering the wetsuit through the tears and I get colder faster.

Instead of gluing back together the tears, this time I decided to sew them. I had tried in the past to glue them but they never hold for too long, after few usages they open again.

At the end of the day, my stitches were still holding but I definitely felt the drop in water temperature. The air temperature had dropped too and was colder than the water. Without the nice warm air and sun shining on me, my back was getting colder by the end of the day.

As the swim progresses, the temperature is going to drop and this will be a growing challenge.

Weather conditions:

Partly cloudy (could coverage 3/8)

Wind speed: 11 kts

Wind direction: NW

Waves height: 1 m

Waves direction: NW

Water temperature: 26°C

4 thoughts on “[DAY 124] Cold temperatures

  1. I hope everything is going to work out just fine! Keep it up and thank you for your service good sir! 🙂

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