Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 126] 30 knot winds

Yoav told me yesterday that today would probably not be a swim day, winds of 30 knots were forecasted. He had the crew prepare the boat, securing everything on deck, bringing and securing items below deck as well.
The wind picked up overnight and this morning I woke up by the sound of the waves against the hull and noise of the wind in the sails and the rigging.
I went to the galley for my breakfast leaning and bracing myself. As soon as I sat down, I felt nauseated. I took a sea sickness pill and I was ok for the rest of the day.
Like usually I used my off day to recoup and increase my intake of calories.

1 thought on “[DAY 126] 30 knot winds

  1. Last night we had an incredibly close electrical storm over the desert mountains (Palm Springs, Ca). Our dive trip was cancelled due to bad weather, too. Stay safe and godspeed.

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