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[DAY 129] Boat issues

It has been five days now that our main satellite communication system is not working. We use it to upload video and big files. We have a secondary system but it only allow us to send and receive regular emails and it is still working.

Last week we started having electrical issues. For whatever reason, the boat is not properly grounded anymore.

We have two watermakers and the low pressure pump of the older system stopped working. It is still under investigation.

The damp and salty environment is harsh on the electronics. We have two yellow bricks, these are tracking systems. We use them to follow our GPS progress, one is for me when I swim and the other for the boat.

The port of the one I have been using fried when it was plugged to recharge. Fortunately, Yoav replaced the port with a spare usb cable and the yellow brick is back in service.

Weather conditions:

Sunny (could coverage 1/8)

Wind speed: 6 kts

Wind direction: SE

Waves height: 0.5 m

Waves direction: SE

Water temperature: 26.5°C

1 thought on “[DAY 129] Boat issues

  1. Love reading the daily problem solving going on with you and the crew every single day…as well as the little gems of success and surprises of the unexpected. It keeps me focused with better perspectives on my daily ups and downs. Very inspirational! I am learning to appreciate my warm bowl of soup and trying with big difficulty to eliminate plastics from my life. A huge problem! Sending out positive thoughts and Aloha spirit to you all for a calmer warmer swifter tomorrow swim.

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