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[DAY 130] Excellent swimming conditions

Last evening, during our daily meeting safety was the main subject. Due to our ongoing electrical issues, some of the crew members needed to be reinsured that we have redundant systems and if one fails we have a backup or backups. This is the case for our freshwater system, generating electricity, communication and emergency systems.

Mark checked and cleaned all the connection to our main satellite communication system and it is back running. Salt and humidity go into everything and are the main cause of failures.

We had excellent swimming conditions today, very little wind, not enough for our sailboat to keep up with us under sail.

Gonzo and James were on the dinghy and enjoyed very much the calm day at sea. Many fish jumped out of the water, few mahi mahis swam right below me for a while. We were at the edge of a warm current and cold water coming from the depth brought with it a lot of nutrients. The water temperature was changing from warm to cold water throughout the day. I swam for 9 hours.

Swam: 13.56 NM
Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 0/8)
Wind speed: 3 kts
Wind direction: NE
Waves height: 0 m
Waves direction: n/a
Water temperature: 26.6°C

5 thoughts on “[DAY 130] Excellent swimming conditions

  1. Great updates on your equipment, crew and swim!
    I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers, strength and endurance is key for all! I check many of the websites and there are so many of us with you!

  2. Your posts are the first things to flash on my screen every morning. Such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing all this. For these amazing pics. And, last but not least, for all the hard work you and your team are putting in every single day to raise awareness about the plastic issue. We can all do our bit to turn things round. Act locally to have an influence globally. Keep going!

  3. You guys are true inspiration. Hang in there. Each mile you swim is one less mile to go Blessings on your swim today

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