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[DAY 132] A unique day

I started my day with a heavy breakfast. Maks was on the first watch and he always tries to fat me up (or juice me up) and put extra carbohydrates in my food. He even gave me a big protein shake that I couldn’t finish. I felt it in the first hours of my swim.

Today was a unique day, Yoav, our skipper was on the dinghy with James. Ty, our first mate, took over his responsibility on our sailboat.

Two days ago, a small tired bird landed on our boat. It was the same kind we tried to rescue a few weeks ago, a storm petrel. This time we were successful, after spending two days in our sail locker, it regained its strength and took off this morning.

We had good conditions, but other than the usual plastic debris I did not see much in the water, just a small black and white striped fish, about two inches long, stayed right below me swimming in between my arms for few minutes.

It was a good day, I swam 9 hours and 20 minutes, the longest thus far.

Weather conditions:
Sunny (could coverage 1/8)
Wind speed: 8 kts
Wind direction: S
Waves height: 0.5 m
Waves direction: SE
Water temperature: 26.1°C

7 thoughts on “[DAY 132] A unique day

  1. Congratulations on swimming the longest time thus far, Ben. Looking at the Live Tracker info, it boggles my mind that you have achieved a total distance of over 2,700kms of swimming to date…. (1,461 NM x 1,852km). Our human bodies and minds are capable of so much more than we are aware of in our everyday life!

  2. Today I will swim in Sicily’s sea open water. I will think about all of you! Great mission great people. Ben you are very closer to 1500 NM. Go on! Go on! Go on!
    Salut, Emanuele.

  3. Hi Ben I only manage to swim about 2k before I’m feel that’s enough. Not because of the swim but because I run out of things to think about. How do you manage and what are you doing to feel your mind? You are a total inspiration and it’s amazing what you and the team are doing.

  4. Won’t belong before you start going thru the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Then you will have more trash/plastic than you’ll know what to do with.

  5. Hi Ben,
    Congratiolation to the longest sein day.i echo Ninas comment.
    Go on bravely !
    Blessings from Baltic sea.Kiel, Germany

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