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[DAY 133] My family

I started my day with a call to my family, it felt so good to hear their voices. This is what I miss the most.
I spent most of my day thinking about them while swimming. I relived simple moments we had together, like a Saturday morning and thought about what we would do when I will be back home. One thing is sure, no matter what we will do, being with them is most important.

I had a good day swimming, Ty and Maria were on the dinghy.
I started a few days ago to take fewer breaks and swim more hours at a time. Today I took two breaks; I swam three hours before taking my first break and another four hours before taking my second, then I swam two more hours for a total of nine hours swim today.

I had waves coming from my right that often took my right arm out of its axis of rotation and throw me off balance. I had to constantly readjust my position and by the end of the day, I had some abrasion under my right arm pit.

I felt the sting inflicted by the mix of salt water and urine on my raw flesh. I hope it will have the time to heal a little bit over night…

Swam: 19.22 NM
Weather conditions:
Overcast (could coverage 6/8)
Wind speed: 15 kts
Wind direction: S
Waves height: 0.8 m
Waves direction: SSW
Water temperature: 25.8°C

2 thoughts on “[DAY 133] My family

  1. Shalom, I went to the Museum of oceonagraphy in Monaco two days agoi, I assume you know, I thought about you. There were a lot of datas related to the pollution cause by plastics and one aquarium full of junk of all kinds to increase awareness related to plastics uses. The aquarium was without any fish or sea creatures of course. I love following you and would be glad to guest you at the dead sea to swim together once…I will make you a trip and a good barbecue with eggplants if you like, this is my specialty.Sporting regards….Take care…

  2. Hello Ben. It is beautiful to hear that there is such a close connection to your Loved Ones, even though you are many miles apart for such a length of time. But you are swimming ever closer to them! Each pull, each kick is taking you closer to the North American continent.

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