Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 143]

Today, Yoav got a new weather maps for the next 5 days. As I clicked on them watching one day after another, I looked at the progression of the super Typhoon and noticed a change in its course. It seemed to be moving north west. If the forecast held, this would mean that the system would move away from us and gave us a chance to maybe go back to our swim point earlier.

The day ended on a high point when Maks caught a mahi-mahi. It had been awhile since we had fresh food, we all enjoyed our dinner!

2 thoughts on “[DAY 143]

  1. Aloha Ben and Crew,
    I bet that mahi was delish!! I’ve sailed the North Pac and know how good fresh fish tastes and feels in your body after a long time without it, and how scary the storms are!!
    What you are doing is something no one has done before. You are facing incredible challenges on all levels with grace, strength, commitment, and passion. Each one of you inspires each one of us. Our messed up world needs more people like you! Mahalo nui for what you are doing. Kia Kaha! Stay strong!
    Sending positive energy and heart hugs from Kona.

  2. Yes! a good day. and a good Mahi omen. A “gift from the gods” that are in step with your journey. and a hopeful avoidance of stormy seas. seize the day. There will be more. Which is why we do. Great to read of your better day.

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