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[DAY 144] Good news

We started the day with a great news from our weather routing partner; the super typhoon had been moving north west, away from us and we could now turn around and sail back to our swim point.
The weather had changed also, the wind speed had decreased and it was finally sunny. This boosted everybody’s moral, I could feel a change in the energy level on the boat. It was even increased when we decided to have a “pool party” before adjusting the sails and turning around. For our  “pool parties”, the boat is put on heave to, a sail configuration that slows down the boat and put her in a drift mode which allows us to jump in the water and keep up with her slow drift.
Once everybody was back on board we changed to bigger sails and started moving north west.


4 thoughts on “[DAY 144] Good news

  1. Ahhh…A good Day! what can I say but that reading your post today was a virtual ray of sunshine. My family had a sailboat and we did that same type of “pool party” while sailing the waters around the islands. I feel your pains, and now…also…feel your joys. kamau ki’aha! :))

  2. That sounds so nice, guys! Hopefully you will have more days like this on your Expedition, where life is easier and things are flowing.

  3. Hi Ben & Folks,

    Good News. A little aquatic party -very nice hub to good conditions to your next swimming “steps”.
    Good luck!
    Blessings an best wishes from Kiel

  4. Benoit,
    Left a few comments for you on different media, hope you are doing good. Amazing job so far, keep at it.?‍♂️. The end is getting closer with every stroke?.
    See you soon.

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