Log: Swim Pacific

[DAY 145] Maintenance and repairs

Today with strong winds we were able to maintain a speed of 9 knots for most of the day. We had put some fishing gears in the water and even at that speed, we caught two big mahi-mahis. We had a fresh and delicious lunch and dinner.
Yoav estimated that we should be back to our swim point sometime tomorrow and hopefully early enough so that I could swim.
A few squalls crossed our path dropping buckets of water on us and momentarily changing the strength and direction of the wind.
During one of them, one of the mainsail battens gave up and got caught in the running back stay at the wrong time. It ripped off half the length of the stitches that held it in place. It was removed to prevent anymore further damage. Lately, the mainsail had been under a lot of stress, some reefs had to be repaired and sliders had to be changed. Maintenance and repairs are daily task at sea.


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